Mar 13, 2014

NEW Portrait Demo DVD

"Capturing Character in the Oil Portrait Sketch"

Instructional video by Doug Rugh

A 45 minute oil painting demonstration where Doug Rugh paints a two-session portrait likeness of his artist wife Hillary Osborn. The video covers working from life with models, lighting, brushes, oil paint, proportions and capturing a likeness. The artist discusses his method in the fast-motion film.

DVD - $39.95 - $3.95 shipping & handling

Mar 5, 2014

Mill Pond Twilight - Memory Painting

After coming home from the studio one night I drove by this scene and stopped my car right in the middle of the road. Twilight can be such a mesmerizing time. I made a small pen and ink sketch when I got home, then worked it up on canvas the next day from memory. I had to make several trips to this spot at dusk but none were as powerful an image as the first night.